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About Me

Hello! I’m Nicole, Mummy to Evelyn (age 6) and Teddy (age 3) and I am the founder of Gurgle & Co. We moved to the Cotswolds in 2016 when Evelyn was just three weeks old and, as soon as she had her first vaccinations, I was keen to join some baby groups – mainly in order to make some new mummy friends and to get out of the house (I don’t cope well with cabin fever!). 

Over the course of my maternity leave we joined all sorts of different types of baby groups: baby massage, baby signing, sensory play, music groups, swimming, messy play and lots of mother and toddler coffee groups. I loved attending the classes as they gave me a routine and a sense of purpose, in what could have been a lonely life with no immediate family close by. 

As my maternity leave drew to an end I decided that I did not wish to return to my job as a primary school teacher, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Evelyn whilst she was young. Since then, I am lucky enough to have been blessed with my youngest Teddy and to experience some new and old baby classes with him – albeit a slightly different experience with the Coronavirus Pandemic! 

As my children have grown, so has my desire to provide them with a variety of different play opportunities at home. I’ve aimed to spark their natural curiosity, and desire to explore and play as much as possible. I’ve used my experiences as a primary school teacher, replicated what has worked and engaged them at the baby groups we have attended at home and researched lots of different approaches to play. Both Evelyn and Teddy have loved getting involved and I believe they may have even learned a bit too! 

My desire to offer this to other children has steadily grown over the years to where we are today! Gurgle & Co. classes aim to offer you a chance to meet new people and have some adult company, whilst knowing your little one is enjoying the very best of a wide range of early years activities. All of which will engage their natural curiosity to explore, play and learn. I hope you and your little one enjoy the classes as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Nicole x